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Site Pr�vessin: Mercredis matin/Wednesdays am - 8h30 to 12h30 - Office/bureau 864-2-C001, Tel. 77339 or 161852

Site Meyrin: Jeudis matin /Thursdays am - 8h30 to 12h30, Office/ bureau 112-R-013, Tel. 73281 or 161852
EN Department
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EN Department

The Engineering Department provides CERN with the Engineering Competences, Infrastructure Systems and Technical Coordination required for the design, installation, operation, maintenance and dismantling phases of the CERN accelerator complex and its experimental facilities.

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HiRadMat Crystal Target test

n-TOF Facility

Plant Architecture

Changing a radio antennae

Hirad Material Test-Beam

Electricity Distribution

Electricity Distribution 2

Electron Beam welding

LHC Dashboard

Amps for LHC

Infinity metrology

Isolde Robot

Linac4 RFQ

LS1 2012 Welding


NA62 Facility

Replacement Transformer

Test remote Collimator Separation

Transport CoolingInfra CC

UA9 Crystal

Upgrade CC

Upgrade CC 2
Notes de coupure

Conferences and Workshops

EN Summer Students 2012 Project Reports

EN Seminars

EN Annual Meeting

3 Dec 2013

4 Dec 2012

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LHC Dashboard

BE-OP Weekly Status on Accelerator Operation

CERN Computer Security

LS1 Planning

CERN Energy Consumption Flyers

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