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Accelerator Consolidation Project (comprises PS-CONS , SPS-CONS, LHC-CONS & LHC-SPARES)

Background: Consolidation has become necessary because of the ageing equipment and the consequent need for general maintenance and renovation.

The decision to use the PS and SPS machines as injector for the LHC, in a programme which will last for more than twenty years, means that a long term core consolidation programme for the LHC Injectors had to be launched. This was started in the AB Department in 2003.

The following documents summarize the consolidation activities

December 2004 - First risk analysis report

April 2005 - Second risk analysis report

CERN-AB-Note-2008-002 summarizes the status of the project in 2008.

EDMS 1253404 summarises the status of the project in November 2012

This document summarizes the risk score calculations.

In  January 2010 the existing Consolidation activities (see above) and the were combined with two new projects. These new projects cover the consolidation of the LHC itself (LHC-CONS) and a program to build up a full stock of spare parts for the LHC machine (LHC-SPARES). LHC-CONS covers the renovation of the existing LEP infrastructure (Cooling, ventilation, electricity supply), which was re-used for the LHC, as well as a number of new items such as protection of LHC underground equipment against radiation damage.

As a result, there are now 4 Consolidation projects PS-CONS (including PS-SPARES), SPS-CONS (including SPS-SPARES), LHC-CONS & LHC-SPARES, spanning 5 CERN departments (BE, EN, GS, DGS and TE). The 25 year Consolidation plan for the LHC Injectors has now been included in the existing PS-CONS and SPS-CONS projects.

It should also be noted that a number large consolidation activities (LHC splice consolidation [TE], LHC R2E mitigation [EN]. PS Access system consolidation [GS], SPS Access system [GS], SPS 18kV distribution, EL-PS & EL-SPS [EN] & the RAMSESII installation [DGS]) have been removed from the tables shown below and the corresponding target figures. These activities are now separate projects inside the CERN MTP, with their own cost-to-completion.

Form January 2013, the AD and North Area now have their own Consolidation programs, known as AD-CONS and NA-CONS. These are run by Tommy Eriksson BE/OP and Mats Wilhelmsson EN/MEF respectively

******* Latest Update 31st March 2014******

Here you can find the latest budget allocations by budget code for PS-CONS, PS-SPARES, SPS-CONS,SPS-SPARES, LHC-CONS & LHC-SPARES for the period 2014 to 2018.

This table contains the budget allocations for 2014, which include the carry-over from 2013 and the planned budget allocations for these activities from 2015 to 2018.


These workunits/activities have a status, which is either:-

Completed = Finished and no longer requires funding

Started = Approved, funded and work started, with the given funding profile

New = Activities which were propsoed at the ACC-CONS Day in September 2013 

Not Approved = Activity is not yet approved. For all "not approved" activities there is also a priority, 1 - highest, 5 = lowest, which is used to define which activities will start and when etc.

The following reports outline a number of the activities for the new LHC Consolidation

1. LHC spares for TE department

2. ....


For additional information please contact Simon Baird, EN Department.

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