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CL - Controls
DC - Detector Cooling
DOW - Design Office and Works
MA - Maintenance
OP - Operation
PJ - Projects and CFD

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EN-CV Group: Cooling and Ventilation

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M. Nonis is the Group Leader of the CV Group in charge of procurement and operation and maintenance of cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems for the accelerators and experimental areas. CV also operates the fluids distribution systems for the Laboratory (drinking water, compressed air, etc.). The group provides engineering studies and support for the cooling of experimental detectors and electronics.

The CV group consists of the following sections:

  • CL - Controls: Section Leader: Renaud BARILLERE
  • DC - Detector Cooling: Section Leader: Olivier CRESPO-LOPEZ - DC web site
  • DOW - Design Office and Works: Section Leader: Yannic BODY
  • MA - Maintenance: Section Leader: Guillermo PEON - MA web site
  • OP - Operation: Section Leader: Serge DELEVAL
  • PJ - Projects and CFD: Section Leader: Michele BATTISTIN - PJ web site

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