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The Engineering Department provides CERN with the Engineering Competences, Infrastructure Systems and Technical Coordination required for the design, installation, operation, maintenance and dismantling phases of the CERN accelerator complex and its experimental facilities.

The activity of the Engineering Department is in the following fields:

Operation, maintenance and consolidation of infrastructure systems for cooling, ventilation, transport, handling and electricity distribution, as well as design and installation of infrastructure systems for th new facilities,

Development, operation and maintenance of special accelerator components such as targets, collimators, lasers, photo cathodes, radioactive beam sources and dumps,

Expertise on computation of radiation fields in the tunnels and experimental areas using FLUKA; in this context, the study, the prototyping and the implementation of measures to limit the impact of radiation on the electronics deployed in the accelerators and its experimental areas,

Mechanical engineering and materials expertise for the design, the prototyping, the manufacturing and the assembly of accelerator and detector components,

Expertise on control systems based on industry-standard equipment (PLCs, industrial front-end computers, field buses) and software (industrial automation, supervisory control, data acquisition, instrument control); these are deployed in the accelerator, its infrastructure systems, the experiments and in laboratories,

Design, modification and operation of the fixed target experimental areas and liaison with experiments as well as experiment proposals,

Technical Coordination in the accelerators and experiments for the day-to-day running, the technical stops and the shutdowns.

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